Le maladie d’amour

Its cute like candy and cake

its bitter like fights and being fake

its wonderful;its terrible

a real tragedy

*Le maladie d’amour

is a serious thing

Incurable….it only gets worse!

call me skeptical;call me cynical

but i beg of you be practical!

The perfect “one” cannot possibly exist!

Billions of fish in the sea;

How is it that he/she is the only one you see??

We connect;it clicks, its meant to be!!

Its there for everyone to see!!

Soul-mates…that’s what we are!

Bless em fates

Le maladie d’amour

Is a wonderful thing

Sometimes we wish for it,mostly we don’t.

But love,loves to take us by surprise

All kinds of reason,it tends to defy….

When we least expect it ka-boom

it attacks us…

Makes the smoothest of us stutter

Makes the heart go a-flutter

Trust me,at that moment you’re a sucker

You’ll realise…love is an emotion here to stay.

Don’t worry.Just hope.Its never far away.

*Le maladie d’amour literally means the sickness of love in French.