Commercials.The very word brings various thoughts to mind.Boring,irritating….the break in the middle of our favorite T.V soap is not appreciated,but at the same time, advertisements are a part of the lucrative media business.A lot of effort is taken to make commercials appealing to various age groups.But why? do they really affect our decisions about the products?the answer, for me personally, is YES.The slogans,the people,the colours used in commercials all matter,and make the advertising business what it is and what it should be-an art!
However commercials nowadays, are disappointing to say the least.Writers do not use their creativity and wit,choosing instead to depend on star power…thus undermining themselves as well as their audience.They choose to think that just because the Shahrukh Khans and Katrina Kaifs of Bollywood claim to use their products,every Tom,Dick and Harry would suddenly be interested in using them too! They do not stop to think of whether the audience would prefer instead a witty,quirky dialogue for their product said by a completely unknown face. I do not have anything against using a known,trusted face,but to completely depend on this particular highly paid celebrity,to mouth a few rehearsed lines is becoming the advertising business’s undoing…
Some commercials though are commendable. In particular,I like Idea commercials.Abhishek B acchan utters the epic dialogue “What an Idea Sirji!” after every one of their creative advertisements in an uber cool way,with classic ease and elan.Another favorite would be the pepsi ads in which they spoofed the thumbs up ad with not so much subtlety…..It won my heart forever!!
So I truly believe that commercials are double edged swords,due to which,prospective customers can be lost as well as gained…The quality of the product comes as an afterthought to many.As for me,I would love to be hit with a series of smart,fresh commercials,which would make it difficult to decide what exactly to buy..!


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