“All citizens have the right to gather and protest as long as the protest is non violent and peaceable in nature.”
this is from article 20 in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and was later included in the Fundamental Rights of India.
Good Afternoon.i am speaking for the motion that the slut-walk is justified.
The slutwalk is generically a peaceful movement or a kind of protest,in which,people,regardless of gender,race,age and sexual preference come together to protest, not only rape and sexual abuse but against the immensely judgmental society
as well as the objectification of women.
Sexual Abuse, as such, is majorly based on the need to dominate.The society has degraded to such levels…and im sure women around the globe will concur…that we have to think twice before walking out of the house alone,especially at the wee hours…
The “saat chya aat gharat” mentality has prevailed for eons now…and it will definitely continue unless there is drastic change.
Babies,Women in burquas,old women,pre-pubescent little girls and of course…young nubile women…no-one is safe.
We dont tell men;”DONT RAPE!!!!”
We tell women;”DONT GET RAPED!!!”
There is a pathetic 6.5%  conviction rate in rape cases..
and the percentage would be lower if we included the women
who never find the necessary courage to face social stigma and report
this heinous crime.
Rape and sexual abuse are not just attacks on the womens body…but also her integrity,
pride,her self-respect and her soul.
No one has the right to claim what is not theirs….
The “slutwalk” is for these people.They want people to be aware!!
To teach their brothers and sons
NOT to be “THAT” guy.
Respect….thats all they seek.
If men..or for that matter Human Beings cannot control themselves,evolution has not done much for us…
Sometimes,women want to provoke attention.They want to be told that they are beautiful…they want admiration…but
They DO NOT want to get raped.

No one asks for it.




There are only two tragedies in life: one is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it.
-Oscar Wilde.
I’ve always been a spoilt little girl…so when it comes to knowing what it is to want something with a burning passion and not getting it is uncharted territory.
Obviously when you’ve been shielded from disappointment all your life
Life will want to let you know what it feels like.
I’m a teenager. And most teenagers find out about this feeling of disappointment through heartache.
There was this boy.
Witty, Smart ,Handsome ,Well read, Mischievous in a way that you could not forgive yourself if you didn’t join the fun.
I fell. Hard.
It was weird. Mostly because I’m pretty secure and self centered. I’ve never before felt the need to
validate my existence through someone else’s approval.
But his approval…?meant the world. His smile?meant i did something right. His disappointment?
Meant I was the worse person on the planet.
I had no clue how to behave any more.
Everyday i wondered if today he would show up to class.
The days i was dressed up and looked good…i hoped he would.
The various ‘bad’ days-hair ,face,clothes etc
I hoped he wouldn’t notice me.
When he gave me that dimpled smile and said hi?!
I felt like i was flying.
The days when he ignored me were the worse.
Suddenly my moods were dictated by him.
Hours were spent staring at the phone….just waiting for it to ring…
For when it did there was that split second before actually knowing who called or messaged that it would be him.
Im entranced.
Or am I?
Or is this only about proving something?
To myself or the world?
Is this just a competition?
A way to prove that if I so wished….
I could have him. Or anyone.
I guess i wont have the answer till i know what love is.
Until then….I am either a helpless victim of my hormones…..or a vicious predator.


Tears fight to find their way out,
while all my minds power
makes them stop.
The atmosphere is bright,
yet i feel bleak?!
The surroundings are bright
and yet i cant see,
happiness anywhere in sight,
all is black
my mind.
my heart.
How does one dare to hope?
How does one share,
their pain;their sorrow;
their sighs…..
How does one smile through the lies??
The emotions, the pain its getting too much…
O how i feel….
So weak; So vulnerable
Dear god make me stronger,
so i may fight a little longer…
But no…it was not to be…
My dam is broken,
one tear comes out.
Suddenly im blinded
A river of emotion comes out from my eyes,
but the feeling is lodged in my heart.
I want to cry more because miraculously i feel better,
but nothing comes out…
and when i realize my weakness,
I clam up once more,bottling up once more.
Plastering that smile
going through the day.
Happy,lively show.
But deep inside;
Somewhere near my heart
A curious feeling crops up once more…
But my dam is stronger
and i control
with difficulty,
The tears that fight;
to find their way out.


I stand here alone, wondering,
Why his kiss is still lingering
And his touch is still on me
I’m worth so much more
And yet
And yet he’s all I want
All I need
All that’s required to feel complete
He invokes all my fears and yet
I smile through my tears
Remembering the times we had
The times he made me laugh
The times he made me cry
I hate you
Who am I kidding I don’t
I love you
You hurt me
You want to change me
You take advantage of me
You’re selfish
Should I go on?
You’re naughty
You’re nice
You’re mine.
You know me inside out….
How is anyone to hope to compete?
My friends are staunch they let me know
That indeed I am not alone
And yet they’ll
never know
Of that place inside me which tells me
You?your not worth it!why would he stay..?
How will they know that when the pain stops
That’s where the problem begins…..
It means another part of me is gone
I am alone.


The king is dead;long live the king
All the citizens sing
What can you do when time is up,
The illusion of power dries right up
Castles crumble with naught; but a single blow
Moats dry up;
Once proud and mighty,
The kingdom’s spirit usurped
As if in metaphor, of what was, and what will be;
Our Athena too, was taken from us.
Was our grandeur even real?
Or were the gods creating an illusion?
What seemed indestructible…
Broken down.


She believed we were solo acts,
Roaming the earth to find our partner.
He believed in nothing.
But when he took her hands in his
She realised that the world faded away….
And that she was dancing to his rhythm;his beat..
And that rhythm, that dance slowly consumed her.
She was his.
She had found her partner.

Why olicity should be endgame.

Okay firstly a disclaimer…
I’m an unapologetic crazy fangirl.
People may tell me that the characters onscreen are fictional,but seriously I don’t care.
Once I accept them in my life I care about them and their journey as I would a friend or even family.
Thankfully in the times of tumblr etc we fangirls no longer feel isolated.
We are a community.
Thus I realize that there are people like me in the world to whom a characters organic journey from pilot to finale matters.
Therefore,this article.
Currently one of the shows(there are so many) I’m crazy about is arrow.
Now though the stunts,the writing and the storytelling is exceptional…its also olicity or as the non fangirls would describe it,the relationship between two characters on the show,namely Felicity Smoak and Oliver Queen that hooks me.
Felicity’s character was supposed to be a 2 minute guest appearance with the possibility of recurrence. Its a testament to Emily Bett Rickards talent that she turned that into a series regular spot. Though I’d like to credit only her talent, I must say it was also the flash(no pun intended) of chemistry that the two characters showed in those few seconds of screentime as well as the lack of chemistry thereof with his actual lead Laurel Lance.(Laurel lovers chill,I’ll explain myself:p). For those who do watch the show we know Oliver’s history with Laurel is turbulent and convoluted to say the least, which along with the lack of chemistry led to viewers looking elsewhere to find Oliver’s OTP.(One True Pairing)
Laurel is supposedly this badass lawyer who protects the defenseless and has a very black and white view of justice… so the fact that pre-island oliver not only cheated on her multiple times, but also cheated on her with her sister (ewww) should bother her way more.
Its inconsistent and inorganic to assume that laurel would forgive Oliver off the bat…honestly as a viewer who has been through all that Laurel has(the lady has been through some real tough shit) I don’t think I’d want her to exist in such a toxic relationship with so much bad history. Its time for her to walk away and find her bliss,the way Oliver has with Felicity.
The reality is simple…Lauliver was doomed from the start…it was revealed on the show that Oliver first showed romantic inclination towards Sara but instead of being happy for her sister,Laurel manages to nip that in the bud and establish her own relationship with him…isn’t that a tad bit screwed up?
On the other hand,Felicity is the embodiment of what Oliver needs…a smart,independent woman who gives as good as she gets…sure she’s awkward and talks too fast… But she has never judged Oliver unfairly and calls him out on stuff the way only a true friend can, inspite of severely crushing on him she remains dignified in the friendzone(a hero to us all) and never resorts to petty jealousy…all while being an integral part of team arrow…there is way too much water under the bridge when it comes to Laurel or for that matter Sara…too much of a past and way too many complications, with Felicity he can be himself…the new Oliver without any baggage…and she will accept him and push him towards being the best version of himself..and for her he’ll want to be,which is why I want Olicity. Because the green arrow deserves happiness…and his happiness lies with a certain blonde bitch with WiFi.


When a leading daily makes a below the belt comment,takes a sexist,chauvinistic view on issues, actors usually consider it safer to keep mum and hope things pass as soon as possible because an altercation with the media can be dangerous to their career.
Refreshingly enough, when the toi wrote an article about deepikas cleavage(bad taste much?)she took to twitter and lashed out at them… Since then the hashtag ‘#istandwithdeepika’ has been trending with a record number of people both from the industry and not,coming out in support of the star…
This is definitely a great move considering how most people wouldn’t have found it strange or for that matter disgusting that a leading media house approved this article and close up shot of her breasts unless she had pointed it out.
But what if she hasn’t said anything?
This is obviously the standard in the media…the same newspaper in fact came out with an article misinterpreting what Priyanka Chopra said in an interview! She had mentioned that she wouldn’t take credit for a male centric movie..well…fair enough.
But times applauded the move saying that they didn’t believe in giving actresses credit for the films anyway…and that the only case an actress should be acknowledged as having crossed the prestigious 100 Cr mark was if she had a solo lead…
They explained this as “the box office would be unaffected if actress A was replaced by actress B”(objectification much?)(yes this is a direct excerpt sadly enough)
The way times portrayed this was as if there are only 2 kinds of movies namely women centric and mainstream.
Their view is that the actor does all the heavy lifting and the actress perhaps is around to give us a glimpse of her cleavage and to dance around and be pretty.
Now some I’m sure are thinking about movies like dabangg and bodyguard where in all honesty all the leading lady had to do was that!
But keep in mind that movies like that aren’t commercial movies and can perhaps be classified as male/hero centric roles.
Times has in one stroke showed us what they really think of women in the industry as well as women in general when they refuse to credit actresses in movies involving being a parallel lead.If they have an equal if not more of a role in a movie happening to have a hero…don’t they deserve credit?
Not according to this top media house…the way they look at it…who cares who’s in a movie as long as she’s a pretty young thing…who cares if she’s a national award winning actress with several good movies under her belt?
To them she’s a body and a pretty face
without a personality or the capability to be on equal footing with a male colleague.
I respect Deepika even more then I used to for calling the times out on their hypocrisy…
The times would deny these talented actresses their due credit if they had their way
Alia bhatt(2 states),Deepika Padukone(yeh jawani he diwani,ram-leela),Priyanka chopra(barfi)
And there would be many more
But alas most think that actresses aren’t worthy of much more then 2 songs and 5 lines…
I can only hope things will be different someday…
But as of now enjoy your senseless action sequences and scantily clothed heroines
Because after all that’s what our society wants.
Unless we change,movies won’t change.
Because after all,art is only a representation of society.

Le maladie d’amour

Its cute like candy and cake

its bitter like fights and being fake

its wonderful;its terrible

a real tragedy

*Le maladie d’amour

is a serious thing

Incurable….it only gets worse!

call me skeptical;call me cynical

but i beg of you be practical!

The perfect “one” cannot possibly exist!

Billions of fish in the sea;

How is it that he/she is the only one you see??

We connect;it clicks, its meant to be!!

Its there for everyone to see!!

Soul-mates…that’s what we are!

Bless em fates

Le maladie d’amour

Is a wonderful thing

Sometimes we wish for it,mostly we don’t.

But love,loves to take us by surprise

All kinds of reason,it tends to defy….

When we least expect it ka-boom

it attacks us…

Makes the smoothest of us stutter

Makes the heart go a-flutter

Trust me,at that moment you’re a sucker

You’ll realise…love is an emotion here to stay.

Don’t worry.Just hope.Its never far away.

*Le maladie d’amour literally means the sickness of love in French.