Cause and effect

​People in this country do not seem to understand cause and effect. Every action you take or words you speak have an effect, a response. They expect that they will spout their opinions, make statements that have enormous implications and will suffer no backlash. This isn’t about religion, politics or economics. No. This is about cause and effect. The most popular of Newton’s laws. ‘Every action will have an equal and opposite reaction’ Remember this law. Tattoo it on your forehead. Understand that everytime you say or do something there will be consequences, regardless of your intentions. That is why ‘think before you speak/act’ is imbibed in us from a young age. This responsibility increases a hundred fold when you have some pull in society. This pull may be in the form of money, power or fame. India is not insulated from the world. When you say things like this country is inhabitable, violent and intolerant, the world watches. The world judges. They do not, and will not know the ground reality, but will come to the conclusion that somehow in the short term of this new regime, India has let go of 1000’s of years of unity. Forget the world stage. In India itself, these irresponsible statements have manufactured a sense of disharmony and fear. So yes, if India has had enough, if India wants to show its displeasure via peaceful protest and rant like tweets and facebook posts, it isn’t intolerance. It is a response. It is cause and effect. Jai Hind.

(*Written during the manufactured intolerance debate in India, after Aamir Khan’s offense statements about India and the subsequent boycott of Snapdeal and the products he endorsed at the time.)